Letters from Armorica- News from Mont-Havre (6 Mai 34AF)

First Letter

Mon cher M. Suprenant,

Many thanks for your speedy response!

So, M. le Gouverneur has received a visitor from le Maréchal, inviting Armorica to contribute to the Provençese war effort. I wish I was surprised, but I have been fearing this. Just for your eyes, and I suppose you may wish to burn this, I may say that there is little if any support for le Maréchal's ambitions here in Bois-de-Bas. My neighbors are almost all of Provençese origin, and have the liveliest respect and admiration for the culture and traditions of their motherland; but on the other hand all of them chose to leave that motherland and come here, those who were not born here. I do believe that if Cumbria were the aggressor, wantonly striking at Toulouse, they would be eager to repel the invaders; but as it is, they regard le Maréchal as an upstart and as a disturber of the peace.

It is a pity, as you say, that le Maréchal's depredations have so impacted the abyssal trade routes, not least as I have not been able to send a letter to my people at home since the troubles began. And yet, in strife there is opportunity. I think that we here in Bois-de-Bas might indeed be able to provide replacements for one or two of the items you mention which are no longer available from abroad. Not, perhaps, in sufficient quantity to make up the lack, but enough to do both you and I some good. Now that I have your little list I shall make the rounds of my friends and neighbors to determine the precise quantities that might be available. Our next wagoneer leaves for Mont-Havre several days from now, and I shall try to have the information for you by then. If so I shall include it under a separate cover.

I am surprised and concerned by what you tell me of the Mont-Havre Former's Guild. I cannot doubt you; and yet I am sure that there is a place in Mont-Havre that bears that name, a small building on the Rue de Lapins, for haven't I walked past it countless times while I was in your service? There is a small sign fixed by the door: La Confrerie des Thaumaturges de Mont-Havre, with a date near 12 AF. And yet you tell me that there is no Former's Guild in Mont-Havre. Of your kindness, can you explain this mystery to me?

I remain your obedient servant,

Armand Tuppenny

Next Letter
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