William H. Duquette was raised by wolves loving parents in a remote not particularly remote suburb of Los Angeles. He wrote his first novel over fifteen years ago, but couldn’t be bothered bringing anything into print until 2016. When not writing fiction, he’s writing software or watching one or another of his four kids playing video games.  He’s also a lay member of the Dominican Order.

He writes from a Roman Catholic world view, but his fiction is “Catholic fiction” only in the sense that it is fiction written by a practicing Catholic.  (Which, in his view, is the most important sense.)

Mr. Duquette has been active on the Internet since the late 1980’s, and has been blogging more or less since blogging became a thing. Find his current writing here, and his older writing at The View from the Foothills and Blogging Aquinas.

— Will Duquette, 19 March 2021