Armand's First Letter. Amelia's First Letter. 13 July 1016 17 Rue Thomas, Toulouse, Provençe My dearest cousin Armand, Such news I have for you! Yesterday morning there came a knock on Dr. Laguerre's door during my hour with her. She rose to answer it in the frostiest possible way, and I confess I said a … Continue reading Homecoming


Armand's First Letter. Amelia's First Letter. 1 Rue St. Albert, Toulouse, Provençe 4 May 1016 My dearest cousin Armand, I have received word from Lord Ellesmere, the Cumbrian Ambassador—not, alas, that Maximilian has been found, but that M. Lavigne and the Josephine have reached the front and linked up with His Majesty's forces in Malague. … Continue reading Ladybird