Short Fiction

Over the years I’ve written a number of little bits of fiction, as well as some longer bits, and I’ve decided to share some of them here.

The Lonesome Death of Joe-Joe Valenti: A bit of hardboiled fiction. Sort of.

The Thing on the Patio: Sooner or later, everyone who has ever read H.P. Lovecraft has to try their hand at a Lovecraft pastiche. Here’s my own attempt to ring a few changes on a Lovecraft staple.

The Conspiracy: I wrote this shortly after being moved from my nice office with walls that went to the ceiling and a door that closed into a cubicle. But the events that follow, and the people to whom they occur, have no basis in reality. Fortunately.

The Old Man in the Hat Comes Back: An epic poem, with apologies and compliments to Doctors Tolkien and Seuss.