Letters from Armorica- Inquiries (21 Avril 34AF)

First Letter

Mon cher M. Suprenant,

Joyeuse Pâques to you and your family!

As you may have heard from Mme. Truc, I appear to be firmly ensconced here in Bois-de-Bas. In point of fact I have married a local girl, the shopkeeper's daughter, and we have a child coming. It seems that Bois-de-Bas is now my home.

As the local shopkeeper, I am also the primary importer of goods to our little village; and I handle the majority of shipping back to Mont-Havre as well, though some of our larger farmers transport their own goods at harvest time. Usually we simply bring our goods to market and sell to the highest bidder. But I was impressed with the extent of your commercial interests while in your employ, and also with your integrity, and I have been wondering whether it would be in our interests here in Bois-de-Bas to come to some agreement with you.

I recognize, of course, that all commerce is curtailed due to the Maréchal's war, but I believe it is not too early to begin building the necessary relationships. I have attached a list of the many good things we produce hereabouts, and another of the kinds of things we need. Perhaps you might guide us as to the things we might most profitably send your way?

Also, I have a favor to ask. Would you be so kind as to provide me with the direction of the Former's Guildhouse in Mont-Havre?

Your obedient servant,

Armand Tuppenny

Next Letter
photo credit: sarahstierch Cidery at Burrow Hill Cider via photopin (license)

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