Laying the Keel

Armand’s First Letter. Amelia’s First Letter.

Bois-de-Bas, Armorica
4 August 38 AF

My dear cousin Amelia,

Amelie and I are delighted to hear that you have received word of your husband’s continued well-being! We shall continue to pray for Divine Providence’s merciful oversight.

In the mean time, the deed is done.

What deed?

Here it is. With Lord Doncaster’s willing aid, Armorica has declared itself both loyal to the Cumbrian Crown and independent of the Cumbrian Parliament.

The news will be received in Yorke at about the same time as you receive this letter, and I shouldn’t wonder if the resulting consternation were audible across the expanse of the Abyss, yea, even here in Bois-de-Bas.

No doubt some in Cumbria will say that a conquered territory must knuckle under and like it, and it may be that Parliament will choose to render Armorica once more subordinate at the point of a gun. But those who would urge this forget that Armorica is not a Cumbrian colony, and that she was not conquered but rather was liberated from le Maréchal with the willing cooperation of her people. Having rid ourselves of les cochons, we are not likely to accept a new boot on our necks.

But likely it does not matter, as I doubt the Cumbrian people will wish to go to war again so soon.

The great thing is that this move utterly spikes the guns of the Cumbrian Shipwright’s Guild. They can maneuver and cajole and press in Parliament all they like, and still they will have no standing here in Armorica’s Grand Parlement.

All of this is preamble, for my great news is that we have laid the keel of a new fast packet, Marc and Luc and Bastien and I; and as this is my second effort I’ve no doubt it will go more smoothly than did the construction of the Anne-Marie. We intend to call the new vessel the Amelie, after my bride.

Once the Amelie is complete I intend to pay you a visit; and if possible convey you here to Bois-de-Bas to meet my family, Dr. Laguerre permitting.

I trust that all continues well with you and your studies, and that I shall find you once more at home at 17 Rue Thomas, you and your beloved Maximilian

Your happy cousin,


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Photo by Jonatan Pie on Unsplash

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