Letters from Armorica: A Correction

In a nutshell, I screwed up the internal chronology of the letters. Here on the website, all of Amelia’s letters dated June 6th 1015 to September 12th 1015 are dated a month too late. I’ve fixed it in my local copy, and will use the correct dates going forward. I apologize for any confusion…which was probably entirely on my part.

For any who might care, here are the details.

I established early on that a fast packet takes just about two months from Cumbria to Armorica; this is a significant point, as it means that dialog between parties in the two lands are exceedingly drawn out. When I started Amelia Montjoy’s story, I was careful to maintain this: when Amelia writes to Armand, she must expect at least four months to pass before she gets a response. To make it easier to keep the dates straight, I chose to give Amelia regular habits: she always writes to Armand on Tuesdays; and for the sake of simplicity I’ve presumed that a letter written by Amelia will be received by Armand precisely eight weeks later, by the calendar.

And then, somehow, I skipped the month of May. Amelia writes to Armand on Tuesday, April 29th, 1015; and then one week later, on May 6th, 1015, her letter is dated June 6th. I’ve been carrying the error along ever since.

If I’d similarly updated the date that Armand receives it, all would be well; I could say that Amelia simply had nothing to say during the month of May, unlikely though that is. But in fact, for the past several months Armand has been receiving Amelia’s mail in a single month, instead of two months; and now that there is some prospect of Armand returning to Cumbria for a time, This Is A Problem.

I’ve gone back and fixed the error; the main upshot is that Amelia is now getting married in September rather than in October, and the earliest that Armand might arrive in Yorke is now late November: Amelia writes to him about his father’s increasing dementia in late July, he receives it in late September, and the earliest he could arrive is two months later, in late November.

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