Letters from Armorica- On Disappointment (9 Août 34AF)

First Letter

Cher Onc’ Herbert,

I have just this moment discovered what Drunken Jacques was telling people to get them to cooperate with getting the supplies in order. He was telling them that I’d be disappointed if they continued to make a fuss!

Me! What am I, some kind of monster? Why in all of the lands would anyone care about me being disappointed?

When I asked him why he was saying that, he said that you told him too. And that it was working quite well, and he intended to keep doing it.

I don’t know what you meant by it, M. de Néant, but I find that I am quite dis—oh, bloody hell.

I sent the boys out first thing this morning to look for good lookout spots all along the perimeter of the island, places where they can see without being seen, and it was much quieter around the settlement with them gone. In a few minutes Gérard de Soux will be heading out in a sky-chair to circle the island and see if he can spot them. He’s taken several shirts with me, and he’s going to change colors every so often. I’ve promised the boys that if they can identify the person operating the sky-chair, the time they saw him, and the shirt he was wearing, without being seen by him, I’ll give them extra sweets tonight.

We’ll see how it goes. The sky-wagon is about to leave so I’ll stop here.


Next Letter
photo credit: fabian.kron Balas Rocs via photopin (license)

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