Letters from Armorica- Of Mail and Men (4 Septembre 33AF)

First Letter

Dear Madame Truc,

I hope this finds you well.

I have arrived at my friends' home and found a welcome—of sorts. Which is to say: they are agreeable to my presence, indeed they hoped I would come to them; but they are not best pleased about the circumstances. I find it hard to fault them for this. I am not best pleased about the circumstances either, not just my own situation but the situation in which Armorica may find herself should war come to our heights. But I am safe here, at least for now, and I am doing my best to make myself useful.

The man who has brought you this letter comes to Mont-Havre on business every month or so. He is a friend—a new friend—and if you receive any mail for me, you may safely give it to him. I will leave it to the two of you to arrange any precautions you think necessary. Please write to me yourself when things are more settled in Mont-Havre! I might choose to continue here rather than return to the big city, but at present I am rather under a cloud and I should like to see it blown away. But you need not concern yourself with general news, as my friend will bring that back with him as a matter of course.

Please be sure you have all of my gratitude for your tender care of me during my time under your roof! I shall remember you in my prayers, and I shall certainly dome visit if I return to Mont-Havre.

Your friend,


Next Letter
photo credit: James St. John Black Pool (afternoon, 10 June 2017) 2 via photopin (license)

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