Letters from Armorica: Arrival (9 Mai 33 AF)

Dear Mum,

The Lombard is supposed to make landfall tomorrow. I was going to wait and write you once I'm settled, but a man just came round and told us all to write our letters now if we want them to go back with the ship. He's right, I guess. It took us three months to get here, and there might not be any other ships heading home for another month.

I hope you'll have gotten over being angry with me by the time you get this. I'm sorry I couldn't tell you before I went, but, well, it was easier this way. I couldn't be what Dad wanted, and here I can make my own way. It's a new world out here, Mum.

The man is coming back, so I must close. I'll write again soon.

With all my love, your son,


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photo credit: Giuseppe Milo (www.pixael.com) Vulcanii Noroiosi – Romania – Landscape photography via photopin (license)

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