Ulysses: Now Better for Blogging

Ulysses now exports to WordPress. The evening after publishing my post about using Ulysses as a blogging tool, I checked for software updates and found a new version of Ulysses that will publish directly to WordPress blogs. I tried it and it worked a treat. Instead of four clicks, a paste, and a title copy, it's now basically one click. Very, very nice.

DropBox Sync. In addition, I took Ulysses' DropBox sync for a spin. (You are using DropBox, aren't you?) The DropBox sync appears to work just fine across both OSX and iOS; however, there are some limitations. Normal Ulysses "sheets" can contain images, annotations, footnotes, comments, file attachments, and the like, none of which exist in vanilla MarkDown, or really, fit into Markdown's pure text paradigm; and so sheets saved in external DropBox folders can't use them. You're protected against data loss, though: if you try to copy a sheet that uses these advanced features from a folder that supports them to one that doesn't you're warned and given a chance to change your mind.

A Note. I should add: I'm writing about these tools because I use them and like them. I have no relationship with any of the tool vendors I'll be talking about in this series, and I'm not getting any kind of consideration from them for talking about their products. 'nuff said.

photo credit: Rob Hurson Molly Bloom via photopin (license)

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